Slasher Squad was an unsuccessfully funded [via Pozible] short action/horror film from writer/director/producers Nathan Stone & Stuart Campbell of double barrel vfx, a small studio based in Perth, Western Australia.

Slasher Squad is a short action-horror film about a team of sexy, deadly women who hunt slasher villains by using themselves as bait.

Watch the pledge video here …

Here’s a more detailed description …

Slasher Squad is an 8 minute, action-horror short film about a team of sexy and deadly women who hunt slasher villains by using themselves as bait. Think of a darker Charlie’s Angels meets Friday the 13th, inspired by the likes of Buffy, Mission:Impossible and even Scooby-Doo. It’s not a comedy but has a wicked sense of humour, playing with the conventions of the genre alongside films like Wes Craven’s Scream and Joss Whedon’s recent Cabin in the Woods. It’s a genre mashup of horror and action, taking place in a larger-than-life world. A place where sexy, kick-ass heroines battle terrifying villains. Where classic movie killers like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers lurk in the shadows of every town. Someone needs to protect the innocent from these monsters, and that someone is a team of gorgeous, dangerous and slightly twisted women known as the Slasher Squad.

Stuart Campbell and Nathan Stone wrote Slasher Squad “as a full-length feature script,” but wanted, initially, to make “a short film based on the script’s opening scene” which “focuses on Amber, who must face off against an unstoppable psychotic killer as part of her initiation into the squad.”

My thoughts… Slasher Squad sounds a little like my #1 favorite comic book series Hack/Slash except without Vlad but with more Cassie’s! Sadly, Stuart Campbell and Nathan Stone’s Pozible campaign raised only A$15,035 of their A$27,000 target. Be sure to watch the end of the pledge video for a glimpse of what could’ve been!


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