The Ultimate Movie (2012) is the “best movie ever” written and directed by Tom Antos. Starring Yung Lee (GakAttack) as “the ass kicking cop”, Daniel Murrell as “the cool gangsta cop”, Jeff Sinasac as “the detective”, Diana Schoutsen as “the bad ass chick”, Torianna Lee De Freitas as “the sexy kung fu chick”, Nicole Chung as “the photographer”, and Brennon D’Souza’s voice as the narrator.

Ninjas, Zombies & Babes! The best movie ever would have a little bit of everything. Some action, comedy, suspense, drama, even ninjas, aliens, zombies, and cool stunts with GakAttack!

Not rated. 3:45 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Love it!

Read my original post about director/cinematographer Tom Antos and his frequent leading lady Diana Schoutsen on MHE (here). I even received a “thank you” from the lovely actress/model!