The Infinite Loop (2015) is a French crowd-funded sci-fi comic book series. Written and lettered by Pierrick Colinet. Illustrated and colored by Elsa Charretier. Originally published in 2014. Published in the U.S. by IDW Publishing as a 6-issue mini-series starting in April 2015, and collected in trade paperback in November 2015.

A science-fiction series that asks the age-old question, “What would you risk for a chance at true love?” Teddy, a young woman who lives in a faraway future where time traveling is a common practice, has a job maintaining the status quo by correcting time paradoxes. But when she meets Ano, “a time paradox” and the girl of her dreams, Teddy must decide between fixing the time stream or the love of her life, both of which have unique consequences.

A dynamically graphic, science fictiony, poetical, paradoxical wunderkind of a sexy, time-traveling, adventure-packed comic by Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier.

Girls, guns or zombies? “Adventure, Science-Fiction, Love, and Time Travel. What else could you would want?”


Comic links: Facebook/IDW Publishing

My thoughts… The Infinite Loop succeeds as a twisty time travel tale, a wonderful lesbian love story, and a candid affirmation of same-sex relationships! I love this limited comic series! Pierrick Colinet’s story is fast-paced and perfectly matched by Elsa Charretier’s dynamic artwork, while the time travel concepts are unique and intricately conceived but simply detailed. The Infinite Loop reads like a blockbuster movie, and I hope Hollywood takes notice! Oh, and Teddy is soooo adorable! Well, actually, all of the Teddy’s are adorable!