Deadly International Assassins (2011) is/was an unreleased and/or unfinished short action film directed by David Lynn. Starring stunt actresses Amy Johnston and Anna Ranoso.

Watch some footage set to a hard rock soundtrack …

Watch some more footage and behind-the-scenes videos here: rough cut Amy Johnston vs. Anna RanosoAmy vs Anna Behind the Scenes 2, Montage Amy Johnston & Anna Ranoso, posing for shotsBehind the scenes, Amy vs Anna widescreen, and Amy Johnston NEW.

David Lynn links: Youtube/Vimeo

My thoughts… Amy Johnston is so HOT in these clips! I don’t typically use “hot” to describe attractive girls because I prefer girls who can be described as “adorable” rather than “hot”. Amy Johnston is, in fact, adorable – but, in these videos, she is so smoking HOT! Sorry.

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