Bait (2012) [aka Bait 3D] is an Australian-Singaporean horror/thriller film directed by Kimble Rendall. Written by Russell Mulcahy and John Kim. Starring Xavier Samuel, Phoebe Tonkin, Sharni Vinson, Adrian Pang, Qi Yuwu, Alex Russell, Martin Sacks, Alice Parkinson, Lincoln Lewis, Damien Garvey, Cariba Heine, Richard Brancatisano; with Dan Wyllie and Julian McMahon.

The ultimate predator is coming to a store near you!

When a monstrous freak tsunami hits a sleepy beach community, a group of survivors from different walks of life find themselves trapped inside a submerged grocery store. As they try to escape to safety, they soon discover that there is a predator among them more deadly than the threat of drowning – vicious great white sharks lurking in the water, starved for fresh meat. As the bloodthirsty sharks begin to pick the survivors off one by one, the group realizes that they must work together to find a way out without being eaten alive.

Girls, guns or zombies? Girls, guns and sharks – in a grocery store!

Rated R. 93 minutes. Watch the official red band trailer here …

Bait 3D director Kimball Rendall was a founding member of the Australian rock band Hoodoo Gurus. His punked-up version of “Mack the Knife” (with his band Kimball Rendall & the Slice) can be heard over the closing credits.

My thoughts… When I first watched the trailer for Bait 3D, I was amused. Sharks in a grocery store? I mean that’s just stupid, right? Wrong! After watching the film, I was surprised to find an excellent horror thriller with a compelling story, likable characters and awesome (sometimes ridiculously over-the-top) shark action! Bait 3D is basically The Poseidon Adventure (1972 or 2005) with sharks. Oh, and I loved adorable Phoebe Tonkin as rebellious teen Jaime!

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