Fefe Dobson (born Felicia Dobson) is a Canadian solo pop/rock singer/songwriter from Sarborough, Ontario. Dobson, to date, has released 3 albums and 12 singles. In addition, her songs have been used in numerous films, TV series, ads, promos, etc, as well as covered by other artists. Dobson has also made several appearances in film and on TV, including appearing and performing as Tina Turner on the short-lived NBC TV series American Dreams (2004) and as herself on MuchMusic‘s Degrassi (2013). She cites artists such as Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Judy Garland, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, and The Hives, among others, as influences.

Selected discography:


Fefe Dobson (2003). Island/Def Jam. 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Revolution Song”, “Give It Up”, “Unforgiven”, “Bye Bye Boyfriend”, “8×10”. Other good cuts: “Stupid Little Love Song”, “Everything”, “Take Me Away”, “Rock It ‘Til You Drop It” (feat. Tone Lōc). The rest: “Kiss Me Fool”, “We Went For a Ride”, “Julia”, “Rainbow” [hidden track]. Bonus tracks: “Don’t Go (Girls and Boys)”, “Don’t Let Me Fall”.

Joy (2010). Island/Def Jam. 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Stuttering”, “Watch Me Move”, “I Want You” , “In Your Touch”. Other good cuts: “You Bitch”, “I’m a Lady”, “Can’t Breathe” (feat. Orianthi), “Joy”, “Ghost” . The rest: “Intro”, “Thanks for Nothing”, “Didn’t See You Coming”, “Set Me Free”. Bonus tracks: “I Made Out with Your Boyfriend”, “Johnny Cash”, “Black Haired Boy”, “Rockstar”.

Sunday Love (2012). Cancelled in 2006. Released digitally in 2012. Island/Def Jam. 14 tracks. Choice cuts: “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”, “This Is My Life”, “Scar”, “Hole”, “The Initiator”, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”. Other good cuts: “As a Blonde”, “Get Over Me”, “Man Meets Boy”, “Get You Off”, “Be Strong”, “Miss Vicious”. The rest: “In the Kissah”, “If I Was a Guy”.

Notes: “Don’t Let It Go to Your Head” was covered by Jordin Sparks for her album Battlefield (2009) and by Norwegian girl group Lilyjets for their debut album 3rd Floor (2006). “As a Blonde” was covered by Selena Gomez & The Scene for their debut album Kiss & Tell (2009). “Start All Over” was written for the album but recorded by Miley Cyrus for her double album Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus (2007).

Firebird (2016). Dobson‘s long overdue 4th album. The first single Legacy was released in 2013. The second single In Better Hands was released in 2014.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… I LOVE Fefe Dobson‘s music and I’m not ashamed to say so! Well, that’s obvious since I’ve already posted about her on my other two blogs! Sunday Love is such an amazing album! I can’t believe it was locked away for 6 years! She collaborated with some of my favorite female artists, like Kay Hanley [ex-LettersTo Cleo], Nina Gordon [ex-Veruca Salt], Courtney Love, and Joan Jett! Before that album, I was merely a casual fan of Dobson‘s music, but after… I’m a superfan! Oh, and “Don’t Let It Go to Your Head” is such a great song! Jordan Sparks makes it more poppy, but Fefe Dobson punks up the original version with her snotty vocals (on the song) and her snarled lips (in the video)!

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