Axe Massacre (2008) is a short Christmas-themed horror film written, shot and directed by Chris .R. Notarile for Blinky Productions. Starring Thomas Daniel, Kim Santiago, Monica DiNatale, Ken Smith, Tony Dadika, Steven Grgas, and Frank Fata as “The Santa Slasher”.

While celebrating the Christmas holiday, an unsuspecting family falls victim to a masked, axe weilding maniac known only as, The Santa Slasher.

Not rated. 12:13 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Me – big fan of Chris .R. Notarile’s work. Chris .R. Notarile – friend of my other blog. Axe Massacre is just good old Christmas-themed slasher fun! I like the creepy look of “The Santa Slasher”!

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