Orianthi (born Orianthi Panagaris) is an Australian solo female rock guitarist and singer/songwriter from Adelaide. She is, perhaps, best known for being the lead guitarist chosen by Michael Jackson for his This Is It concert tour scheduled for 2009-10. Orianthi has since shared the stage with many artists including one of her biggest inspirations Santana, as well as Steve Vai, Prince, ZZ TopAdam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, John Mayer, Alice Cooper, and others. In addition to working as a guitarist for hire, Orianthi, to date, has released 3 solo albums. She writes and sings her own songs.

Selected discography:


Violet Journey (2007). 10 tracks. Choice cut: “Anybody Else”, “Right Now”. Other good cuts: “Here on Earth”, “Out of Reach”, “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”, “Everyday”. The rest: “Lights of Manos”, “He’s Gone”, “Violet Journey”, “Anaheim”.

“Now or Never” (2007). Featured on the soundtrack to Bratz: The Movie.

Believe (2009). Geffen Records. Produced by Howard Benson. 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Feels Like Home”, “According to You”, “Suffocated”, “Highly Strung” (feat. Steve Vai), “Untogether”. Other good cuts: “Bad News”, “God Only Knows”, “Drive Away”. The rest: “Believe”, “Think Like a Man”, “What’s It Gonna Be”. Bonus tracks: “Find It”, “Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over”.

Notes: “Suffocated” is a cover of the song by American rockers Sound the Alarm. “Believe” is a cover of the song by Danish singer Niels Brinck.

“Don’t Waste the Pretty”Allison Iraheta (2009). Featured on American Idol alum Iraheta‘s debut album Just Like You.

Believe II (2010). Re-release of Believe. 12 tracks. “God Only Knows”, “Untogether” and “Drive Away” are omitted. 4 new songs are added. Choice cuts: “Courage” (feat. Lacey of Flyleaf), “Shut Up and Kiss Me”. Other good cuts: “Missing You”, “Addicted to Love”. Bonus track: “Sunshine of Your Love”.

Notes: “Missing You” is a cover of the 1984 hit by John Waite. “Sunshine of Your Love” is a cover of the 1968 hit by Cream.

“Can’t Breathe”Fefe Dobson (2010). Featured on Dobson‘s album Joy.

Heaven in This Hell (2013). Robo Records. 11 tracks. Produced by Dave Stewart [ex-Eurythmics]. Choice cuts: “If U Think U Know Me”, “If U Were Here With Me”, “Another You”, “Heaven in This Hell”. Other good cuts: “Rock”, “Frozen”, “Fire”, “You Don’t Wanna Know”, “Filthy Blues”. The rest: “How Do You Sleep?”, “How Does That Feel?”. Bonus track: “Sex E Bizarre” (feat. Steven Tyler), “Better With You”.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… Orianthi is a guitar goddess. I’m not a big fan of guitar gods such as Joe Satriani. However, unlike most male guitar gods, Orianthi can sing – and write good songs, too! Believe is an excellent teen-friendly pop/rock album but Heaven in This Hell, on which Orianthi splits the tracks evenly between country pop and bluesy hard rock, is much more mature. Oddly enough, I found myself leaning more toward the country pop side! I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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