Les Jaunes [trans. The Yellows] is a Canadian horror/comedy web series (2013) and feature film (2014) produced, co-written and directed by Montreal-based filmmaker Rémi Fréchette for Nemesis Films. Starring Pierre-Louis Renaud, Mélissa Merlo, Roch Aubert, Louise Malouin, Jason Roy-Léveillée, and Frédérik Marquis.

An epidemic of yellow crawling brains threatens the lives of the inhabitants of Fort Vince, a recluse Northern Quebec town. Tom and Mia, two everyday normal grocery store clerks, will try to survive the invasion and prevent it from spreading!

Watch the trailer (w/o English subtitles) here …

Season One. Not rated. French language. The episodes are:

  • Episode 1: Fort Vince (10 min). “In the quiet village of Fort Vince, Tom, a young grocery clerk, falls on the boyfriend of the beautiful Mia, a work colleague for whom he has a crush. Meanwhile, a threat looms over the city with the arrival of a mysterious cargo in the supermarket.”
  • Episode 2: Paul est Jaune (7 min). “After being attacked by a brain with yellow tentacles, Paul, the first infected, wakes with yellow skin and dark eyes. It’s panic at Market Roy. The invasion has begun!”
  • Episode 3: Les rescapés du supermarché (9 min). “Tom and Mia, with the help of Ms. Roy and a reckless policeman, must find a way to leave the supermarket, now infested with the Yellows.”
  • Episode 4: Béa Lévesque (6 min). “Tom and Mia are now aboard Ben’s vehicle , an exterminator who lugs around the urn of his mother, whose funeral had to be delayed due to the arrival of the Yellows.”
  • Episode 5: L’expérience de 1944 (10 min). “At the entrance of Fort Vince, soldiers block the road to put people in quarantine. Meanwhile, Tom, Ben and Mia arrive in an abandoned movie theater where many surprises await them.”
  • Episode 6: L’armée des Jaunes (8 min). “The cinema is stormed by a Yellow army. Tom, Mia and Ben must confront them to escape. Meanwhile, Paul, the first infected, attempts to pass the barricades of the army at the entrance to the city.”
  • Episode 7: L’homme qui en savait trop (10 min). In the forest, scared and out of breath, Tom and Mia are meeting a man who can inform them about the origin of the disaster. Meanwhile, the government takes drastic measures to control the epidemic.”
  • Episode 8: L’aube des Jaunes (8 min). Trying to find a vehicle in the middle of nowhere, Tom and Mia discover a car in the cemetery. There they meet a group of survivors who are also trying to get out of town.”
  • Episode 9: Brouillard sur la ville (13 min). Survivors gather at the Market Roy to develop a strategy to get out of town. The arrival of the Yellows, led by Paul, changes their plans. The discovery of a passage leads the group to a place with a heavy secret past.”
  • Episode 10: Le laboratoire perdu (15 min). “Past and present converge as our heroes face tough choices See the epic finale of the saga of the Yellows!”

Note: The synopsis translations were done by me through Google Translate!

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My thoughts… I don’t have any thoughts! I can’t watch this Canadian web series because, apparently, it is not available to view in the U.S.! Bâtards! Les Jaunes looks like Fiend Without a Face (1958) meets Night of the Living Dead (1968)! Or maybe it’s like B-movie homage Night of the Creeps (1986) with crawling brains instead slithering slugs! Either way or any other, it looks awesome! I need to see this web series! Send me a DVD, please!