Sexy Nightmare Slayers (2011) is a short horror/comedy film directed by Adam Green for ArieScope Pictures. Written by Daniel Beals. Starring Rileah Vanderbilt as Samantha, Clare Grant as Lexie, Rick McCallum as The Monster, and Kevin Russell as The Boy.

Created in conjunction with Comedy Central’s, ArieScope’s Sexy Nightmare Slayers follows two scantily clad, ass-kicking angels from heaven who protect children from the monsters under their beds, the demons in their closets, and a variety of other ghoulish creations that go bump in the night. Starring Team Unicorn’s Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant, you’ll be wishing your childhood had been filled with more nightmares.

Sexy Nightmare Slayers was created by filmmaker Adam Green and Team Unicorn co-creator Rileah Vanderbilt as the pilot for a proposed web series.

Not rated. 5:07 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… What’s not to like? You get Team Unicorn’s Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant in bikinis kicking monster ass! If that’s not enough, you have Adam Green! He wrote and directed the awesome Hatchet slasher series, among other stuff!