A Christmas Horror Story (2015) is a Christmas-themed anthology horror film directed by Grant Harvey and Steven Hoban and Brett Sullivan for Copperheart Entertainment. Written by James Kee and Sarah Larsen and Doug Taylor and Pascal Trottier. Starring William Shatner, George Buza and Rob Archer; Zoé De Grand Maison, Alex Ozerov and Shannon Kook; Amy Forsyth, Jeff Clarke and Michelle Nolden; Adrian Holmes, Oluniké Adeliyi, Orion John, and Alan C. Peterson.

It’s the season of joy, peace, and goodwill… unless you live in Bailey Downs. Last Christmas Eve, two teens came to a grisly end in a school basement. Now, one year later, a new set of horrors has come to town. As three friends explore the site of the massacre, a malevolent spirit is determined to keep them there forever. One of the first cops to the scene of the bloody murders has new complications as his seven-year-old son exhibits terrifying and violent behavior. And when a local family seeks reconciliation with an estranged aunt for the wrong reasons, they suddenly find themselves running in terror from Krampus, the demonic anti-Santa Claus. Not even St. Nick is immune to the terror as he fights back against a horde of zombie elves. This is destined to be a holiday no one will ever forget….

Not rated. 99 minutes. Watch

My thoughts… Well, I (mostly) loved A Christmas Horror Story! The film is set in the small town of Bailey Downs and features four interwoven stories linked by the ramblings of a radio DJ (William Shatner). Thus, it’s similar to Tales of Halloween (2015) which is set in a small town and features ten stories linked by the ramblings of a radio DJ (Adrienne Barbeau)! The stories in A Christmas Horror Story, as in any horror anthology, are hit and miss. My favorite story is the one I’ll call “Santa Claus vs. the Zombie Elves”! Santa (George Buza) is forced to fight for his survival at the North Pole after his elves become infected by a zombie virus! This story is bloody, action-packed and delivers a great final twist! It’s worth the price of admission alone! My next favorite story is the one I’ll simply call “Krampus”. Caprice (Amy Forsyth) and her dysfunctional family must face the wrath of Krampus, the Anti-Santa, after the car breaks down in the woods. The Krampus creature (Rob Archer) is very creepy, and Amy Forsyth is sooo adorable! Krampus even faces off against Santa, albeit briefly, as depicted in the film’s promotional artwork! The other two stories, for me, are the (near) misses. They’re good, but not as good as the other two. I’ll definitely be watching A Christmas Horror Story next year!