Jingle Dead II (2014) is a short Christmas-themed zombie film directed by Jared Black. Written by Jared Black and Lee Cohen. Story by Jared Black. Starring Lee Cohen, Bojan Micic, Jared Black, Elizabeth Colunga, Brandon Brooks, Melissa Riso, Katy Colloton, and Marque Richardson.

Three friends from high school reunite in a dive bar on Christmas Eve, and find themselves having to thwart off robbers and a horde of zombies.

Watch a video of behind-the-scenes photos on Vimeo (here). Jingle Dead II is, not surprisingly, the sequel to Jingle Dead

Jingle Dead (2010) is a short Christmas-themed zombie/comedy film written and directed by Jared Black (aka Jared Ordenes). Starring Jared Black, Tara Blanchard, Brian Bentley, Chris Darkes, and Victoria Greenwood.

Twas’ The Horde Before Christmas! A zombie outbreak reaches a small soap factory and its employees fight off a horde.

Not rated. 12 minutes. Watch some clips of actress Victoria Greenwood in Jingle Dead here …

My thoughts… Girls, guns, zombies and Christmas – again? Yes, please! And, like 12/24, I haven’t seen Jingle Dead [which looks good in the clips] or Jingle Dead II [which looks good in the photos]. I found my way to Jingle Dead II because lovely Blinky regular Kylie Contreary is featured as Robber #4.