The Resistance (2010) is a sci-fi/action/drama web series directed Adrian Picardi. Starring Katrina Law, Sunny Jain, Adrian Zaw.

The Resistance Series follows Syrus Primoris, a brilliant chemist, who has taken control of the ten regions of Aurordeca in the wake of a devastating plague. In exchange for absolute power, he and his miracle suppressant, Noxe, are keeping the survivors alive. But only one group stands in open opposition to the regime: the Aurordecan Resistance Movement (ARM), led by the fierce and driven Lana. ARM sees Syrus for the despot he truly is and fight tirelessly to find a cure for the disease and to free the people from their enslavement to the suppressant. But everything changes through a chance encounter with a mysterious and deadly drifter.

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Season One. Not rated. The episodes are:

  • EP 1: Welcome To Aurordeca (5:24). “After the mysterious plague infects the nation, citizens of Aurordeca must do whatever it takes to stay alive.”
  • EP 2: Drug Store Cowboys (2:59). “A.R.M fight their latest battle in an ongoing war to free a sleeping nation all while trying to survive.”
  • EP 3: Lost & Found (5:55). “A mysterious drifter steals an A.R.M members’ jacket which contains a memory chip with information that could possibly find a cure for the plague.”
  • EP 4: Close Call (4:43). “Lana risks her life for A.R.M, while Syrus decides to close an account.”
  • EP 5: Lady Killers (4:20). “Syrus and Lana show how far they are willing to go to get what they want at any cost.”
  • EP 6: Behind the Curtains (4:21). “Syrus’s team of scientists discovers a new formula that may lead to the cure for the plague.”
  • EP 7: Hide and Seek (4:01). “Arclite yearns for death and gets his chance when Syrus attacks the A.R.M camp.”
  • EP 8: Revelations (4:47). “Syrus continues his assault on the A.R.M camp.”

Watch additional webisodes used to promote the series premiere on Syfy: Chaos Teaser, Greed Teaser, Land of Aurordeca Teaser, Lust Teaser, Noxe Commercial, Lana Video Diary 1, TR File Secrets (Extra Video Content), Lana Video Diary 2, Lana Video Diary 3, Lana Video Diary 4, Arclite’s Hidden Past Part 1, Arclite’s Hidden Past Part 2, Syrus Hidden Tapes.

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My thoughts… I’m not sure what The Resistance is really about. Apparently, there is a religious allegory at play here but I don’t get it. So, why do I like this series? Well, it’s obviously well-done but the real reason I watched this series is because of the always lovely Katrina Law! Oh, and those twin “lady killers” in EP 5 are bad-ass! I’d love to see a web series about them!