Slug Street Scrappers (2012-14) is a martial arts web series written and directed by Micah Brock for Whirlwind Action and Dragon Phoenix Entertainment.

Slug Street Scrappers is an action-packed comedic movie quadrilogy that was inspired by the “Beat Em’ Up” video game genre of the early 1990’s (Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, etc).  With campy humor, video game style outfits and a blend of both speed-based & contact-based (real contact hits) fight choreography,  Slug Street Scrappers is tailored to entertain fans of martial arts flicks, retro “Beat Em’ Up” games or Japanese anime.

The “quadrilogy” is …


Slug Street Scrappers (2012). Starring Jessie Graff as “Punchy McBritches”, Micah Brock as “Bruiser Bom-Bash”, Katelyn Brooke as “Peaches Powers”, Shaun Charney as “Ryuken/Slugger Fred”, and Narayana Cabral as “Slugger Steve”.

Punchy McBritches (Sarah Kazinski) is a woman on a mission: to earn the title of the “toughest in town”. And to achieve her goal she must first challenge and defeat the current toughest in town… a fella by the name of Bruiser Bom-Bash (Micah “Kwonkicker” Brock). But, a mysterious woman (Katelyn Brooke) from Bruiser’s past seems to have other plans for the two…

Not rated. 16:42 run time. Watch Ep 1 here …

Watch the Ep 1 trailer (here).

Slug Street Scrappers: Rise of Ryuken (2012). Starring Shaun Charney as “Ryuken”, Katelyn Brooke as “Peaches Powers”, Micah Brock as “Bruiser Bom-Bash”, Tess Kielhamer as “Knuckles”, Anna Ranoso as “Venom”, Jimmy Chhiu as “Mr. Sexy”, Andy Le as “Billy Broker”, Mickey Facchinello as “Vein”, Mari Saito as “Shizuka McBritches”, Jessie Graff as “Punchy McBritches”, Narayana Cabral as “Slugger Steve”, and Mason Sharrow as “Slugger Joe”.

Boss Peaches wants her revenge. Why? Because nobody dumps Boss Peaches… not even Bruiser Bom-Bash. Unfortunately for her, Peaches will have to get in line with the rest of them. Ryuken, the loyal fan-boy of Punchy McBritches, will stop at nothing to regain Punchy’s honor after her recent loss against Bruiser. But, will his past catch up to him before he gets his chance to take out Bruiser Bom-Bash and claim the title of the “Toughest in Town” for himself? Or will Peaches beat him to the punch and steal his only chance for glory?

Not rated. 49:26 run time. Watch Ep 2 here …

Watch the Ep 2 trailer (here).

Slug Street Scrappers: Beat Em’ Up (2013). Starring Shaun Charney as “Ryuken Kazama”, Katelyn Brooke as “Peaches Powers”, Micah Brock as “Bruiser Bom-Bash”, Tess Kielhamer as “Knuckles Clark”, Anna Ranoso as “Venom”, Jimmy Chhiu as “Mr. Sexy”, Jessie Graff as “Punchy McBritches”, Andy Le as “Billy Broker”, Brian Le as “Jimmy Broker”, Mari Saito as “Shizuka McBritches”, Narayana Cabral as “Hopz”, Dominic Sherman as “Bones”, Rockey Chavez as “The Revered One”, Maggie Clark as “The Goddesses”, Mason Sharrow as “Slugger Joe”, Joe Clarke as “Clarke Higher-Up”, and Blake Lindquist as “Legend Narrator”.

Bruiser Bom-Bash, a man who holds the coveted Scrapper title of, “Toughest in Town”, is well-known on Slug Street… and well-loathed. He is particularly hated by former title-holder, Peaches Powers (who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend). To this day, Peaches has never learned why she was dumped by Bruiser, and has never forgiven him for it. But, when new facts about the purpose of the Slug Street Scrappers come to light, her plans for revenge become a little more… complicated.

Not rated. 1:19:56 run time. Watch Ep 3 here …

Watch the Ep 3 trailer (here).

Slug Street Scrappers: Goodbye Goddess (2014). Finale. Starring Micah Brock as “Bruiser/Buster Bom-Bash”, Maggie Clark as “Red/The Goddesses”, Katelyn Brooke as “Peaches Powers”, Tess Kielhamer as “Knuckles Clark”, Rockey Chavez as “The Revered One”, and Jacob Roark as “Slugger Squad Fabulous”.

The final battle has begun. During a short calm amongst the chaos, the few remaining Scrappers on Slug Street decide to pull together in a last-ditch effort to change their fate.

Not rated. 53:47 run time. Watch Ep 4 here …

Watch the Ep 4 trailer (here).

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My thoughts… I’ve never even played any of those “Beat Em’ Up” video games that inspired Slug Street Scrappers, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it! This epic “quadrilogy” is fun to watch (even when it takes itself a little to seriously)! In addition, skilled martial artist Micah Brock cast his films with equally skilled [but much lovelier!] female martial artists and aspiring actresses like Katelyn Brooke, Anna Ranoso, Mickey Facchinello, Jessie Graff, and Tess Kielhamer! Kielhamer, who plays Knuckles Clarke, is my favorite scrapper in Slug Street Scrappers! She played Lara Croft in episode #4 [Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake] of Bat in the Sun‘s web series Super Power Beat Down. Check it out (here). She’ll also co-star in director Leo Kei Angelos’s upcoming action/comedy Knockouts! Check it out (here)!