Idlehour is an English alternative rock band from London, UK, formed in 2012. They are, currently, Jesse Naish (vocals/guitar), Drew Patterson (guitar/vocals), Paul Clark (bass/vocals), and Knox Charles (drums). Idlehour is “a dark cocktail of early 90’s grunge, abrasive punk and ice cream truck melodies.”

Selected discography:

Idlehour (2013). 7 tracks. Choice cuts: “Parasites”, “Screw”, “White Noise”. Other good cuts: “Chinese Burns”, “Sleepers Wake”, “Child”, “Dixie Drug Store”.

“My Familiar” (2014). Idlehour‘s current single.

Selected videos:

Band links: website/Facebook/Bandcamp

My thoughts… Idlehour is what Nirvana would’ve sounded like if Kurt Cobain were a girl! Some argue that Hole was a female-fronted version of Nirvana but they’re wrong. Idlehour is one of many awesome upcoming female-fronted UK bands that I discovered on the stepunker Youtube channel.