Pitty [born Priscilla Novaes Leone] is an influential Brazilian alternative rock solo singer/songwriter from Salvador, Bahia. She plays guitar, piano and drums. Pitty started her career as the drummer for the all-female rock band Shes (1997-1999), then as the frontwoman for the hardcore punk band Inkoma (1995-2001). She went solo after Inkoma disbanded and, eventually, became one of the best selling Brazilian rock artists of the 2000s. Her main influences include Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Metallica, AC/DC, The Smiths, The White Stripes, The Mars Volta, Muse, and others. In 2011, Pitty formed the folk duo AGRIDOCE with guitarist Martin Mendonça.

Selected discography (Pitty):


Admirável Chip Novo (2003). 11 tracks. Choice tracks: “Máscara”, “Admirável Chip Novo”, “Teto de Vidro”, “Equalize”, “I Wanna Be”. Other good tracks: “O Lobo”, “Do Mesmo Lado”, “Semana Que Vem”, “Emboscada”. The rest: “Temporal”, “Só de Passagem”.

Anacrônico (2005). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Anacrônico”, “Memórias”, “No Escuro”, “Na Sua Estante”, “Déjà Vu”. Other good tracks: “Quem Vai Queimar?”, “Brinquedo Torto”, “De Você”, “Ignorin’u”, “Aahhh…!”, “A Saideira”. The rest: “Guerreiros São Guerreiros”, “Querer Depois”.

Estúdio Coca-Cola – Pitty e Negra Li (2007). 7 tracks. A live collaboration with Brazilian R&B singer Negra Li sponsored by Coca-Cola in which the artists sang songs from each others’ careers. Pitty songs performed: “Do Mesmo Lado”, “Admirável Chip Novo”, “A Saideira”.

{Des}Concerto Ao Vivo (2007). 1st live album. 17 tracks.

Chiaroscuro (2009). 11 tracks. “Medo”, “Rato na Roda” , “8 ou 80”, “Desconstruindo Amélia”. Other good cuts: “Me Adora”, “Fracasso”, “Só Agora”, “Todos Estão Mudos”. The rest: “Água Contida”, “Trapézio”, “A Sombra”.

A Trupe Delirante no Circo Voador (2011). 2nd live album. 17 tracks. Includes a new song, “Comum de Dois”, released as the album’s 1st single.

SETEVIDAS (2014). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Setevidas”, “Pouco”, “Serpente”. Other good cuts: “A Massa”, “Olho Calmo”, “Deixa Ela Entrar”, “Um Leão”, “Pequena Morte”. The rest: “Lado de Lá”, “Boca Aberta”.

Selected videos (Pitty):

Selected discography (Inkoma):

Influir (2000). 9 tracks. Choice cuts: Revoluçao Mental“, “Não me importo”. Other good cuts: A Dança“, “Salve Salvador”, “HC”, “Soneto”. The rest:O Doce“, “Um Dia de Pã”, “Reaja”.

Selected discography (AGRIDOCE):

AGRIDOCE (2011). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Embrace the Devil”, “Dançando”, “Say”, “Romeu”. Other good cuts: “Ne Parle Pas”, “Rainy”, “130 Anos”, “Epílogos”, “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”. The rest: “20 Passos”, “Upside Down”, “O Porto”, La Javanaise” (Bonus Track).


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My thoughts… Pitty is an incredibly talented female rocker! I highly recommend her solo work if you’re a fan of QOTSA, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, etc. She wears those bands’ influences loud and proudly but, at the same time, blends them into her own distinctive alt-rock sound. “No Escuro”, one of my favorite Pitty songs, starts with an acoustic riff that recalls Nirvana‘s “Polly” but quickly turns into a grungy rocker, ending with Pitty‘s passionately screamed vocals! Pitty‘s solo work offers great modern alternative rock, but Inkoma kicked out some awesome hardcore punk! I’d love to hear more music from Inkoma but Influir is the only album I could find! At the other end of the musical spectrum, AGRIDOCE delivers surprisingly good folk rock inspired by the music of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith!

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