Deadpool: 8 Shots in 1 Shot (2015) is a fan film written and directed by Preston Yarger for HDH Pictures. Deadpool played and voiced by Preston Yarger. Domino played and voiced by Danielle Moore.

Your friendly neighborhood Mercenary has a new mission; bust into an apartment complex and rescue a highly valuable asset, but unfortunately for him, he only has 8 rounds left.

Rated PG-13 [well, “Not rated”]. 7:33 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Deadpool: 8 Shots in 1 Shot is a “simulated one-shot”. So, does that mean that more than one shot was edited to look like a one-shot take? It doesn’t matter. Deadpool: 8 Shots in 1 Shot delivers a cool concept within a well-done fan film! I love the scene in the elevator where Deadpool makes his first move on Domino! “Uh, it says in the script that… now we make out,” he says, reading from a script. “No, it doesn’t,” Domino retorts. “Dammit!”