Anna Tsuchiya is a Japanese solo pop/rock singer, actress, and former model. She was born of an American father of Polish and Irish heritage and a Japanese mother in Tokyo, Japan. Anna Tsuchiya, as an actress, is best known for her role as Ichigo Shirayuri in the award-winning 2004 film Kamikaze Girls. In 2002, she formed the duo Spin Aqua with guitarist KAZ (ex-Oblivion Dust). They disbanded in 2004 and, soon after, Tsuchiya began her successful solo career. She sings mostly in English, and her music is a mix of rock, punk, alternative, pop, and dance – with a little bit of R&B and hip-hop. Think Katy Perry mixed with Joan Jett and Pat Benatar.

Selected discography (Anna Tsuchiya):


Taste My Beat (2005). Mad Prey Records. 6 tracks. Choice cuts: “Ah Ah”, “Taste My Skin”, “in my hands”, “FROZEN ROSE”. Other good tracks: “MY LULLABY”, “Somebody Help Me”.

Notes: “Somebody Help Me” was used as the ending theme of the Japanese version of the American TV series Tru Calling.

strip me? (2006). Mad Prey Records. 15 tracks. Choice cuts: “rose”, “zero”, “NO WAY”, “Give me Kiss & Kiss”, “Grooving beating”. Other good cuts: “Forever”, “knock down”, “Change your life”, “Lovin’ you”, “SLAP THAT NAUGHTY BODY”, “Under My Mask”. The rest: “True Colors”, “Interlude”, “ecstasy”, “Jane”. Good B-sides: “MY FATE”, “BLUE MOON”, “Every moment”, “Only Want You”.

Notes: “rose” and “zero” [under the name Anna inspi’ Nana (Black Stones)] were featured in the anime NANA (2006-07). “True Colors” is a cover of Cyndi Lauper‘s 1986 hit.

Anna inspi’ Nana (Black Stones) (2007). Mad Prey Records. 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “LUCY”, “Kuroi Namida”, “rose”, “zero”. Other good cuts: “Without You”, “Take me out”, “I’m addicted to you”, “scream”. The rest: “rose -Street Live Edition-“, ” Kuroi Namida -TV Live Edition-“. Good B-sides: “better day”, “Dance with me”, “JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH”.

Notes: Anna inspi’ Nana (Black Stones) is Anna Tsuchiya‘s second album and a soundtrack to the anime NANA. “rose” and “zero” previously appeared on strip me? “JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH” is a cover of the 1981 song by Depeche Mode.

NANA Best (2007). Cutting Edge (Avex). Compilation album of songs by Anna Tsuchiya as Anna inspi’ Nana (Black Stones) and Olivia as Olivia inspi’ Reira (Trapnest) for the first season of the anime NANA. Choice bonus cut: “stand by me”. Other bonus cuts: “ANARCHY IN THE UK”, ” LUCY -Studio Live Version-“.

Note: “ANARCHY IN THE UK” is a cover of the 1976 song by The Sex Pistols.

NUDY SHOW! (2008). Mad Prey Records. 17 tracks. Choice cuts: “LUCY”, “Shape of Your Love”, “u”. Other good cuts: “Cockroach”, “Dirty Game”, “Masquerade”, “BLOOD ON BLOOD”, “Style”. Singles: “BUBBLE TRIP”, “cocoon ~NUDY SHOW! Version-“, “Crazy World” (feat. AI), “Virgin Cat”. The rest: “GINGER” (feat. MONKEY MAJIK), “overture”, “Serenade”, “RIDE ON!”, “Kuroi Namida -deep sadness version-“. Good B-sides: “sweet sweet song”, “Imitation night”.

Note: “LUCY” previously appeared on Anna inspi’ Nana (Black Stones).

“GUILTY” (2008). Digital single. Used as ending theme for the CG animation film Resident Evil: Degeneration.

RULE (2010). Mad Prey Records. 15 tracks (including two bonus tracks). Choice cuts: “Brave vibration”, “Believe in Love”, “GUILTY”, “Shout in the rain” , “Atashi”. Other good cuts: “HEY YOU!”, “Voice of butterfly”, “She Hates Me”, “NEVER EVER”, “JUDGE”, “GUN! GUN! LOVE!”. The rest: “Introduction”, “Boushoku-kei Danshi!!” (PE’Z x Tsuchiya Anna), “MY BATTLE”, “Human Clay”.

“Wonder Woman” (2011) – Namie Amuro (feat. AI & Anna Tsuchiya).

12 FLAVOR SONGS ~BEST COLLABORATION~ (2012). Featuring 2 new tracks: “IS THIS LOVE?” (Anna Tsuchiya with Akihiro Nanba (HI-STANDARD)), “ALL RIGHT NOW” (feat. Tak Matsumoto & Yuichi “Aik” Ikuzawa).

“Voyagers” (2012). Featured as the theme song of the film Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Everyone, Space is Here!

“HALLOWEEN PARTY” (2012) – HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA. A special 2012 Halloween project formed by hyde and KAZ of VAMPS.

“CARRY ON” (2012). Digital single. Used as ending theme for the CG animation film Resident Evil: Damnation.

Sugar Palm (2014). Mad Prey Records. 7 tracks. Choice cut: “Melt Into Blue”. The rest: “UP TO YOU”, “Sugar Palm”.

LUCIFER (2014). Mad Prey Records. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “LUCIFER”, “The Magic of Halloween”. Other good tracks: “Taste My Skin [New Take]”, “FROZEN ROSE [New Take]”, “Somebody Help Me [New Take]”.

NAKE’d ~Soul Issue~ (2015). Covers EP.

Selected videos:

Selected discography (Spin Aqua):

Pisces (2003). Ki/oon Records. 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Unchained”, “Mermaid”, “PAPER MOON”, “STORM”, “Malibu”. Choice B-side: “DAMN I WISH I WAS YOUR LOVER”. Other good cuts: “Sunshine”, “Don’t need it”, “A foggy day”, “One little song”, “Hane no namida”, “GrooVe”.

Notes: “Malibu” is a cover of the 1998 hit by Hole“DAMN I WISH I WAS YOUR LOVER” is a cover of the 1992 hit by Sophie B. Hawkins.


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My thoughts… Anna Tsuchiya is one of a select few Japanese artists that I still listen to regularly years after my obsession with Japanese rock music ended. The fact that she sings (often) in English helps. “LUCY” is my favorite solo song [and favorite video!], and Anna inspi’ Nana (Black Stones) is Tsuchiya at her rockin’ best! However, RULE is her pop/rock masterpiece, and “Believe in Love” is one of her best ballads! I love Spin Aqua, too! I’m surprised that Tsuchiya and KAZ didn’t get to enjoy much success from that short-lived project! Their acoustic cover of Hole‘s “Malibu” is awesome! Oh, and Kamikaze Girls is a fantastic film!

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