Monster Roll (2012) is a “proof-of-concept for a feature film about sushi chefs fighting sea monsters.” Written and directed Dan Blank. Starring Masashi Odate, Hidetoshi Imura, Steve Howey, Kate Kennedy, Takuji Kuramoto, and Gerald Okamura.

When sea monsters attack Los Angeles, a network of sushi chefs honor an ancient code to maintain balance between man and the sea: to kill only what they eat, and eat all that they kill.

Not rated. 6:11 run time. Watch the film on Vimeo (here), or on Youtube here …

Film links: website/Facebook

My thoughts… This is why I don’t eat sushi! However, I’d watch this American-made kaiju movie! FelisDestructicus said it best in the Youtube comments: “I’d kill to watch this, then eat what I killed.”