Ryan Gosling Must Be Stopped (2014) is a Canadian comedy web series created, written, directed and co-produced by Heather Dann and Adrienne Kress for End of Rope Productions in association with RGMBS. Starring Todd Campbell, Julian De Zotti, Kyle McDonald, Olaf Sham, Phil Borg, Jonathan Llyr, Simon Fon, Daniel Levinson, Jeff Yung, Michael Dufays, Heather Dann, and Adrienne Kress.

Finding himself overwhelmed by the omnipresence of one of the world’s most perfect movie stars, an average Joe finds solace in a group of like-minded men. Wackiness ensues.

Watch the Season 1 trailer here …

Season 1. Not rated. The episodes are:

  • Ep. 1/5 (6:15). “Todd Breaks the Cycle.”
  • Ep. 2/5 (5:07). “They Can No Longer Ignore Things.”
  • Ep. 3/5 (5:31). “They’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat.”
  • Ep. 4/5 (7:09). “Don’t Worry, They Have A Guy.”
  • Ep. 5/5 (8:03). “And Cue Dramatic Conclusion.”

My thoughts… Ryan Gosling Must Be Stopped is hysterical! I love episode 3 with its spot-on parody of the scene from Jaws (1975) where Quint offers to kill the shark! Episode 5 ends with a big tease, so I hope season 2 is in the works! Adrienne Kress, by the way, wrote the awesome young adult steampunk novel The Friday Society (2012). Read about it (here).