STAY LIVING was a successful ad campaign developed by Australian ad agency The Monkeys for Boost Mobile in Australia in 2013. The Monkeys “created a series of provocative online zombie films where four kids use their Boost mobiles to stay connected and stave off the brain-dead corporate zombies they don’t want to become, and ultimately STAY LIVING.” Three original short zombie films were directed by Matt Devine of The Glue Society (Revolver). The films are:

Watch the best of those films here …

My thoughts… The three STAY LIVING films are like the best zombie web series that never was! “Action, zombies, sex, and hot pants!” What more do you need? The series included a 4th film but it was just an edited version of the original three films.

I posted about these films in July 2014 and I wondered who the actress was that played Saff – the one with the cricket paddle in hot pants and roller skates. A few months later, I found a comment on my blog from Saff herself. She is Dorothy Jean Joly, an Australian dancer, actress and model!

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