Harley Quinn – Web Series (2015- ) is a fan-made Harley Quinn web series directed by Brandon Champ Robinson for Imagination Upgraded. Starring Courtney Lynn as Harley Quinn. Also starring Sean Fiscus, Tess Cinpinksi, Sharon Ann, Terrell Johnnies, Marquis Wilburn, and Joseph Lyons.

With Batman and The Joker inexplicably missing from Gotham, Harley Quinn is determined to find out what happened to them, but she must first get past her alternate personality Harleen Quinnzel who is desperately fighting to hold her back. Meanwhile, a new villain looks to take over Gotham.

Season 1. Not rated. The episodes are:

  • Ep. 1 – I Ain’t Weak (2015). 13:58 run time. Screenplay by Sean Patrick Little. “With Batman and The Joker Mysteriously missing from Gotham. Harleen Quinzel attempts to live a normal life, but Harley Quinn has other plans.”
  • Ep. 2 – A New Leader (2015). 7:59 run time. Screenplay by Sean Patrick Little. “Still in search of the Joker, Harley Quinn seeks the help of an old… “Friend.” Meanwhile, someone looks to take the Jokers place.”
  • Ep. 3 – Old Habits Die Hard (2015). 13:13 run time. Screenplay by Sean Patrick Little & Brandon Champ Robinson. “Harley seeks the help of Catwoman while Black Mask recruits an army.”
  • Ep. 4 – Face Your Fear (2016). 7:30 run time. Screenplay by Brandon Champ Robinson. “After an encounter with the Scarecrow Jonathon Crane, Harleen Quinzel is forced to face her greatest fear… Harley Quinn. Meanwhile, Black Mask starts to make his moves on Gotham.”
  • Ep. 5 – It’s Chubbs! (2016). 11:11 run time. Screenplay by Brandon Champ Robinson. “As black mask begins to crew up, Harley Quinn makes a surprise visit to her good ole right-hand henchman Chubbs, con with a heart of gold and a stomach to match.”
  • Ep. 6 – . Season finale. Coming soon.

This web series was originally teased way back in 2013 with Harley Quinn – Wait Til They Get A Load of Her featuring BOYS LiKE BRiTA!N as Harley Quinn. However, the actress/musician was no longer available when the series started filming. Watch the original web series teaser here …

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My thoughts… With Harley Quinn – Web Series, creator Brandon Champ Robinson delivers, as promised, a re-imagined vision of the Gotham City siren! And, in Ep. 3, Robinson delivers a re-imagined vision of another Gotham City siren – Catwoman! I swore off the idea of an African-American actress playing Catwoman after suffering through Halle Berry’s dumb 2004 film! However, actress Sharon Ann has restored my faith! She makes an awesome Catwoman! In fact, I’d love to see a spin-off with that lovely black beauty! At the very least, I hope she returns in this cool series!

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And, here’s a bonus Harley Quinn film (for Stars Wars fans!) …

May the Fourth: Harley Quinn vs. Rey (5/4/2015). Written & directed by Brandon Champ Robinson. Starring Courtney Lynn as Harley Quinn, Anette Puskas as Rey, and Rudy Contreras as Stormtrooper.

Rey encounters a strange new enemy from another universe sent to destroy her by the first order. These two Femme Fatales clash in an epic battle!

Not rated. 4:03 run time. Watch the mash-up here …