The Cultists (2013) is a short comedy film directed by Adam Rady for Wayside Creations and Never Red It Productions. Written by James Rodehaver. Starring Brendan Bradley, Tybee Diskin and Adam Rady.

Leonard (Brendan Bradley) and Allan (Adam Rady) attempt to tear the fabric of reality and summon a terrible being from the darkness after some douche spoils Game of Thrones. Then Wendy (Tybee Diskin) shows up.

Not rated. 3:26 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… The Cultists is hysterically funny! I love this short film! Tybee Diskin is not just adorable but is also an amazingly talented young actress! She played Scarlett in Wayside Creations’ wonderful web series Fallout: Nuka Break!

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