Assassinista (Jaci vs Solitaire) (2015) is a short action film written and directed by Chris .R. Notarile for Blinky Productions. Starring Grace Morales as Jaci, Nadia Kay as Solitaire, Samantha Talbott as Vikki, Roberto Lombardi as Dr. Walsh, and Sid O’Connell as Sarg.

When top assassin, Solitaire, goes rogue and starts making unauthorized hits, her former teammate and best friend, Jaci, is called in, to track her down and stop her. But will Jaci be able to save Solitaire, or will she be forced to put her down?

Not rated. 11:53 run time. Watch the film here …

Blinky regular Andrea-Nichole Olivas was originally set to reprise her role as Boss Lady [Deadpool: The Web Series (2013), The Legend of El (2013)] for Assassinista (Jaci vs Solitaire). However, due to scheduling conflicts, Samantha Talbott stepped in to play Jaci’s former handler Vikki.

The roots of Assassinista (Jaci vs Solitaire) were planted in 2007 with the Chris .R. Notarile’s short Assassinista which was filmed, guerilla-style, at the Hoboken Film Festival but never completed. The film starred Niki Notarile (aka Niki Rubin) but is related in name only. Watch the short film (here), the promotional trailer (here), the opening sequence (here), and a music video (here).


My thoughts… Me – big fan of Chris .R. Notarile’s work. Chris .R. Notarile – friend of my other blog. Assassinista (Jaci vs Solitaire) succeeds because of its two lovely leading ladies and its two fast-paced action sequences! Oh, and I love that, in the 2nd sequence, Jaci is forced to fight Solitaire in her undies! Well, Jaci is in her undies, Solitaire is not. It’s not, like, a sleepover pillow fight or anything.

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