The Dead Won’t Die (2007) is a fake grindhouse trailer written and directed by Tobb Cobery. The trailer was submitted for a contest sponsored by the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival to promote the 2007 release of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s double feature Grindhouse. Cobery’s trailer was one of the top three, as selected by Rodriguez himself. “Sex, gore, violence, guns, and nudity. A woman is taken captive and forced to breed zombies…. but she will get her revenge in this homage to the film trailers of the 1970’s.”

They killed her family! They stole her freedom! They even stole her womanhood! But, she would have her revenge! The Dead Won’t Die! The film they didn’t want you to see! With violence so extreme… so sadistic… it has been banned in over thirty countries! … If you’re upset by extreme violence and explicit sex, then this film is not for you! But, if you think you can sit through the film Doug Bradley of The Meridian Times called ‘The most depraved motion picture I have ever seen,’ then be prepared… as this theater will not be giving refunds to those patrons unable to make it through the most brutal and controversial film ever made!

Not rated. 1:53 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch this trailer on Vimeo (here).

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