Kiss Me, Satan! is a limited crime/horror/thriller comic book series written by Victor Gischler with art by Juan Ferreyra. The series (issues #1-5) was published by Dark Horse Comics in 2013-14 and collected in Kiss Me, Satan! (2014). Extras include a sketchbook with notes by Juan Ferreyra.

Cassian Steele is the boss of the werewolf mafia in the Big Easy, and he’s got a problem: The old with Verona has discovered his ruinous secret and escaped into hiding with her three young apprentices. Now, Cassian Steele wants her dead, and the witch hunt is on. He offers a huge payday to the first mobster to dust Verona, and werewolf mobsters, vampire maids, a voodoo cowboy, zombie ninjas, and even a playboy wizard show up to collect the bounty. What they don’t realize is that the witches are under the protection of Barnabus Black, a demon desperately trying to regain his halo.

Girls, guns or zombies? Sexy witch girls, vampire maids, guns, and werewolves!


My thoughts… Kiss Me, Satan! is another gritty, action-packed crime thriller from the brilliant mind of writer Victor Gischler! In Clown Fatale, he gave us four sexy clown girls who were mistaken for assassins. In Kiss Me, Satan!, he gives us a bad-ass demon doing Heaven’s dirty work by protecting three sexy witches from all kinds of assassins – including a sexy vampire disguised as a French maid and a nun with a machine gun! Heaven’s dirty work? Hey, I wonder if Barnabus Black knows Mercy Sparx? Anyway, Kiss Me, Satan! is a wild thrill ride driven by cool characters, a twisty plot and a little sex! I need to start reading Gischler’s crime novels!