Kill Matilda is a Canadian “dance-punk/thrash-rock” band from Vancouver, British Columbia, formed in 2008. They are, currently, Dusty Exner (vocals/guitar), Dusty’s husband Mykel Exner (bass) and Tacos (drums). Kill Matilda plays energetic punk rock with horror-inspired lyrics fueled Dusty’s raging vocals that sound “like Joan Jett on steroids”. Recommended for fans of Die Mannequin, Concrete Blonde ,etc.

Selected discography:

Kill Matilda (2009). 6 tracks. Choice cuts: “She’s a Killer”. Other good cuts: “Fault Lines”, “Sugar and Spice”. The rest: “Heaven Bound”, “24 Hours of Darkness”, “Little One”.

I Want Revenge (2011). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Geisha With A Switchblade”, “I Want Revenge”, “Zombie Apocalypse”. Other good cuts: “No Shame”, “Already Dead”, “Pomegranate”, “Law Abiding Citizen”, “PBJ”. The rest: “The People Vs.”, “Test Drive Of Neurotica”.

#punk #zombie #rocknroll (2014). 6 tracks. Includes 5 tracks from I Want Revenge plus an acoustic version of “Geisha With A Switchblade”.

Songs of Survival (2015). 6 tracks. Choice cuts: “Needle & Thread”, “Party Harder, Party Starter”. Other good cuts: “Live to See”, “Sanctuary”, “Nostradamus”, “Holding out for a Hero”.

“Breed” (2015). A cover of Nirvana‘s grunge classic from Nevermind (1991).

Selected videos:

Band links: website/Facebook/Youtube/Dusty’s Blog/Bandcamp/ReverbNation

My thoughts… Kill Matilda is another one of my favorite female-fronted Canadian rock bands, with Die Mannequin, Hunter Valentine, The Birthday Massacre, and others. I Want Revenge is an awesome album, and “Geisha With A Switchblade” is Kill Matilda‘s best track (to date)! The song is Dusty’s brutal revenge fantasy aimed at a real-life Canadian serial killer who targeted (mostly First Nation) junkie prostitutes. The Police didn’t give much attention to apprehending him, since he only killed junkie prostitutes, and this pissed off feminist Dusty, as well it should. In the song, one of those prostitutes turns the tables on the killer, torturing him, slowly! Watch Kill Matilda perform “Geisha With A Switchblade” live in 2010 (here).

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