Bad Girls is a comic book series created by Steve Vance & Jennifer Graves. Written by Steve Vance. Art by Jennifer Graves, Christine Norrie & J. Bone. Original series covers by J. Bone. Published in single magazine format by DC Comics as Bad Girls #1-5 (2003-04) and collected in trade paperback as Bad Girls (2009). Extras include sketches by Jennifer Graves.

Worst First Day – EVER!!!

San Narciso High is pretty normal. The cheerleaders are sufficiently snotty. The teachers, appropriately dull. The jocks: swirlie-givers. The nerds…

Oh… Mutations… Geeks…

RIIIIIGHT. At this school, Über-goober Ronald’s purply liquid science project was accidentally guzzled by said harpy-hearted cheerleaders, who then gained secret superpowers that helped solidify their rule, while Lauren (the newbie) – a Nice Girl these Bad Girls treat like a pet – attempts damage control, only to find she has unpleasant powers and the town’s Big Secret comes to haunt her, and…

Let’s just say you’ll soon agree that nerds are dangerous, that Lauren probably should’ve just skipped first (and second) period, and that when you’re new and just want to coast under the radar, the universe knows, and you’re TOAST.

Girls, guns or zombies? Girls, girls, girls – and superpowers!


My thoughts… Bad Girls offers a lighthearted twist on the superheroine theme. It’s like Mean Girls meets X-Men – except without any sinister supervillains. This comic isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it’s wonderfully charming – and I love it!

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