Sarah Connor vs. Jason Voorhees (2014) is episode #1 of WTFLOL‘s new web series SLASH/UP hosted by Lisa Corrao.

Welcome to SLASH/UP, the webseries that pits your favorite movie and horror icons against each other in explosive ‘what if’ short films.

Written and directed by Brian Rosenthal. Starring Nicole Marines as “Sarah Connor” and Derek Russo as “Jason Voorhees”. Also starring Lindsay Croucher, Joshua Borcyk and Chris Frank.

Not rated. 14:44 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the teaser (here) and a behind-the-scenes video (here).

My thoughts… SLASH/UP is, obviously, WTFLOL‘s horror-inspired version of Bat in the Sun‘s comic book-inspired Super Power Beat Down – and I love ’em both! They promised Neo (of The Matrix) vs. Freddy Krueger (of A Nightmare on Elm Street) in episode #2! However, the project’s funding goal via Kickstarter (here) was not reached, so I’m not sure of the status of the web series. WTFLOL is also responsible for the awesome comic book fan film Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness and its (highly-anticipated) upcoming sequel Ash vs. The DC Dead!