Tomb Raider: The Endless Path (2012) is a fan film written and directed by Daniele Misischia for Noose Industry. Starring Marta Pecchia, Simone Destrero, and Federico La Regina. “Inspired by the official Tomb raider video game saga created by Eidos Interactive, Core Designe, Crystal Dynamics.”

Lara Croft, wounded and exhausted, completes her last mission, the discovery of an ancient and mysterious parchment. A path in the woods full of pitfalls awaits for her but it’s not the greatest danger.

Not rated. 10:37 run time. Italian w/English subtitles. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Tomb Raider: The Endless Path was made by the same people who made Resident Evil: Underground. This film isn’t as good as the other Tomb Raider fan films I’ve posted but I do love Marta Pecchia as Lara Croft. Check out this photo set (here).