Stitches (2011) is a short horror film directed by Ben Kent for Bloody Cuts in association with Millenium FX. Script by Joel Morgan, Ben Franklin, Ben Kent, and Jonny Franklin. Original story by Ben Franklin. Starring Bethan Hanks, Jason Loborik, Ryan Gipp, Caroline Woodruff, and Paul Ewen as “Stitches the Clown”. Stitches is episode 2 of the Bloody Cuts series, “an anthology of short horror films presented online as a free web series for the love and passion of UK horror filmmaking.”

A suspenseful slice of short horror featuring Bethan Hanks as a babysitter unaware of the horror lurking in a dark house full of toys…

Not rated. 5:31 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Stitches is another scary short from Bloody Cuts. The film is inspired by “The Clown Statue” urban legend in which a teenage babysitter is unaware of a psychotic killer hiding in her ward’s bedroom. The cautionary tale is a variation of “The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs” urban legend that inspired the horror film When a Stranger Calls (1979/2006).

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