A Christmas Carol + Zombies (2015) is a short Christmas zombie film directed, written & edited by Jason Perlman for AwesomenessTV. Starring Claudia Sulewski (Edna Scrooge), Chase Austin (Bob Cratchit), Carrie Wampler (Marley), Robert Carbo (Tiny Tim), Jesse Merlin (Father), Chase Masterson (Mother), and Jason Perlman (Narrator).

When a zombie plague washes up on the shores of America from England, small town miser Edna Scrooge (Claudia Sulewski) finds herself terrorized by her own past present and future. The most spine-chilling Christmas Eve horror story since Charles Dickens’ original A Christmas Carol.

Not rated. 10:59 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… My daughter shared A Christmas Carol + Zombies with me this morning because she knows that I’ve been posting Christmas zombie films. She didn’t watch it but she said that it was probably dumb which is ironic since, at the time, I was watching a dumb Christmas zombie short film. However, A Christmas Carol + Zombies is not dumb. In fact, it’s a very well-done literary mash-up akin to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I didn’t read Seth Grahame-Smith’s 2010 novel but I enjoyed the 2012 film adaptation. A Christmas Carol + Zombies is cool not only because Jason Perlman mixed Charles Dickens’ classic with zombies but also because he flipped Scrooge’s gender! Now, he’s a beautiful woman as portrayed by lovely Youtuber Claudia Sulewski!