Deia Cassali [born Andréa de Fátima Carvalho Ribeiro] is a Brazilian solo pop/rock singer from Rio de Janeiro. She was formerly the lead singer of all-female pop/rock band Agnela.

Selected discography:

Projeto Paralelo (2013). 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “Não Vá”. Other good cuts: “Sinto Sua Falta”“Ela”, “Herói”, “Tudo Nessa Vida”.

Sujeira Visceral (2015). 7 tracks. Choice cuts: “Sinestesia”, “Sem Te Encontrar”, “Sujeira Visceral”. Other good cuts: “Sem Te Encontrar (Piano)”, “O Maior Dos Iludidos”, “Medo”, “Lifestyle” (Bonus Track).

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… I only just recently found out about Deia Casseli’s post-Agnela solo project! I loved Agnela and, now, Deia Casseli is my new favorite Brazilian rock chick! Projecto Paralelo [trans. “side project”] was recorded while Cassalli was still fronting her former band. The album’s breezy acoustic sound is good, but Sujeira Visceral‘s alt-rock is much better! In fact, the EP is one of my favorite downloads of 2015!