Birds of Prey (2002-03) was an American action/adventure drama series developed by Laeta Kalogridis for The WB. Based on DC Comics characters. Starring Ashley Scott as “Helena Kyle/Huntress”, Dina Meyer as “Barbara Gordon/Oracle”, Rachel Skarsten as “Dinah Redmond (née Dinah Lance)”, Shemar Moore as “Detective Jesse Reese”, Ian Abercrombie as “Alfred Pennyworth”, and Mia Sara as “Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn”. The series premiered on October 9, 2002 and was cancelled in 2003 after 13 episodes.

When NEW GOTHAM needed a HERO, THREE stepped forward.

Who will stand up to villains now that a heartbroken Dark Knight has mysteriously vanished? Never fear, New Gothamites, a trio of champions is ready to take wing – and Helena, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, is among them. She calls herself Huntress and crime is her prey. Teenaged Dinah is the youngest of the group, learning as she goes and gifted in clairvoyance. And overseeing the awesome threesome’s high-tech nerve center is Batgirl. Left wheelchair-bound by The Joker, she has reinvented herself as Oracle, the team’s cyber expert. Huntress, Dinah, Oracle: They are the Birds of Prey. Fighting together. Living together. And soaring into adventure together in 13 breathtaking live-action episodes.

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Season One (2002-03)

  • S1:E1 – “Pilot”. 10/09/01. “Birds take wing. Oracle, Huntress and Dinah work as one against Quinn’s New Gotham power grab.”
  • S1:E2 – “Slick”. 10/16/02. “Go with the flow. The Birds face a baddie who turns from solid to liquid. Meanwhile, the Helena-Reese attraction grows.”
  • S1:E3 – “Prey for the Hunter”. 10/23/02. “Takes one to kill one? A slayer usurps metahuman talents – in order to murder metahumans. Dinah ditches school.”
  • S1:E4 – “Three Birds and a Baby”. 10/30/02. “Big trouble in a tiny bundle. Helena rescues an infant, unaware that her good deed will lead to danger.”
  • S1:E5 – “Sins of the Mother”. 11/06/02. “Dinah learns of her family link to Batman. Family ties – a crime family – also impact Reese.”
  • S1:E6 – “Primal Scream”. 11/13/02. “Caged Bird. When Helene works undercover for Reese, her identity becomes compromised. Does Oracle fear intimacy?”
  • S1:E7 – “Split”. 11/20/02. “Helena is attracted to Darkstrike, a sympatico crime fighter who isn’t as perfect as he seems to be.”
  • S1:E8 – “Lady Shiva”. 11/27/02. “Still a lot of fight in her. Oracle dons the Batgirl outfit to confront a criminal reminiscent of an old foe.”
  • S1:E9 – “Nature of the Beast”. 12/18/02. “Divided loyalties. Reese asks Helena to protect the crimelord who killed Dinah’s mother, Black Canary.”
  • S1:E10 – “Gladiatrix”. 01/08/03. “A fight club operator forces metahuman women to battle each other. On tonight’s card: Helena vs. Dinah.”
  • S1:E11 – “Reunion”. 01/08/03. “The girl most likely. Helena thinks attending her school reunion is lame until someone starts murdering ex-classmates.”
  • S1:E12 – “Feat of Clay”. 02/19/03. “A villain’s touch turns people to clay. Helena discovers a shocking truth. Wade learns Oracle’s secret.”
  • S1:E13 – “Devil’s Eyes”. 02/19/03. “Trouble rules the roost. Quinn has a hypnotic grip on the city and controls the Birds’ command tower, too.”

The 4-disc DVD set Birds of Prey: The Complete Series, released in 2008, includes a bonus unaired pilot episode [featuring  Sherilyn Fenn as “Harley Quinn”] and all 30 episodes [3 seasons] of the Flash-animated web series Gotham Girls.


My thoughts… Birds of Prey is one of my all-time favorite superhero TV series! I love this series for three reasons. First, Ashley Scott as Huntress/Helena Kyle is absolutely adorable and kicks ass! Second, the plentiful fight scenes are amazingly well-choreographed and, thus, Ashley Scott is able to kick ass with mad skills! And, finally, the playful flirtation between Huntress and Det. Reese is an unashamed pleasure to watch. My favorite episode is S1:E11 – “Reunion” in which Helena must reluctantly attend her high school reunion to catch a metahuman killer targeting her classmates, and risk revealing her true identity to Det. Reese. Huntress doesn’t wear a mask, but Det. Reese doesn’t know who she is by day which, by the way, is a bartender. In the end, she reveals herself, and those final moments are the best in this entire series! OK, I lied. I love Birds of Prey for four reasons. The fourth reason is the original theme song “Revolution” by singer/songwriter Aimee Allen. However, due to legal issues, “Revolution” and other songs featured in the series’ original broadcast, were replaced for the DVD release. Bastards.

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