Turn Around When Possible (2015) is a short British horror film directed by Dave Calub & David Mead for MB Films. Story by David Mead. Screenplay by Ian Beck, Dave Calub & David Mead. Starring Megan Prescott and Holly Hoyland.

Military sounds chatter and static. Crackling voices over the ether. On a wooded road two girls are driving, lost amongst the endless forest, the road finally runs out. Strange noises surround them, the ferns begin to move, something is closing in… They are not alone in these woods.

Not rated. 7:07 run time. Watch the film here …

Megan Prescott is best known for her role as Katie Fitch in the award-winning UK teen drama Skins. Katie Fitch is a twin. Her sister Emily is played by Megan’s twin sister Kathryn Prescott. Kathryn is best known in the U.S. for her role as Carter Wilson in MTV’s teen drama Finding Carter.

My thoughts… Girls, guns and gremlins! Turn Around When Possible is a very cool  short horror film that, if expanded into feature length, looks like it could be Dog Soldiers (2002) meets Gremlins (1984)!