The Organ Beats are an American power pop/hard rock band from Waltham, MA, formed by Noelle LeBlanc (vocals, guitar) in 2008 after the demise of her former band Damone. She is joined by her sibling Danny (drums), Mikey (bass) and Alex (lead guitar). The Organ Beats‘ sound is akin to the power pop of Damone‘s debut album From the Attic (2003).

Selected discography:

Sleep When We Are Dead (2009). 9 tracks. Choice cuts: “Sleep When We Are Dead”, “Happy Birthday/Come on Home”, “Never Gonna Make it Out of Here Alive”. Other good cuts: “No One Can Tell You”, “The Best Around”, “Brand Me a Fool”, “The Chilly Breeze of May”. The rest: “The Movie”, “Time To Go”.

“Everybody Have Fun Tonight” (2011). A cover of the 1986 hit by Wang Chung.

“Heaven Is a Place on Earth” (2011). A cover of the 1987 hit by Belinda Carlisle.

MISHMASH (2011). Double single. “Stay the Night”, “When You’re In Love”.

Goldenheart (2012). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “So Long”, “Living Without You”, “Goldenheart”. Other good cuts: “Don’t Wake Me Up”, “Last Goodbye”, “Heartless”, “Don’t You Ever Feel Like Dying?”, “Make You My Own”, “Hold On”, “Get Up!”.

“When We Were Young” (2015). A new single!

Selected videos:

Band links: tumblr/Facebook/Bandcamp

My thoughts… Crunchy guitar riffs, pounding back beats and hooks that will drive you insane! With Damone and, now, The Organ Beats, Noelle LeBlanc has become the queen of power pop! Sleep When We Are Dead was a good debut for The Organ Beats but Goldenheart was a fantastic sophomore release! Every track should’ve been a hit!

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