Cheerleaders vs. Redneck Zombies (2012- ) is a horror/comedy web series written and directed by Jason Bachand for Art Aperitif Productions. Starring Meredith Prunty, Ashley Tramonte, Jimmy Folco, Savannah Reinitzer, Kallie Tabor, Emmy March, Brian Farmer, Taylor Kudalis, A.F. Grant, Kati Salowsky, Elizabeth Percy, and Mark Burzenski.

A Teen Horror Comedy.

Call it a zom-com, if you like: Cheerleaders vs. Redneck Zombies combines wit and satire with zombie horror and gore. The twist? Our zombies are just good ol’ boys – but they’re a’ meanin’ a lot of harm.

The series follows the Romero High School cheer squad, who find themselves pitted against the undead Po’Dunk clan. The team’s got the moves, the charm, and the spirit – but can they survive a deadly game of survival deep in the forest of New England?


Not rated. The episodes produced are:

  • Episode 1: Teamwork and Terror (2012). 8:19 run time.
  • Episode 2: Hoedown or Hootenanny (2012). 8:34 run time.
  • Episode 3: Blood and Bows (2012). 7:55 run time.

Watch the official trailer (here). Or just watch the episodes -for now- here …

Web series links: website/Facebook/Art Aperitif Youtube channel

My thoughts… Cheerleaders + Zombies = Awesome! The math isn’t difficult. Even the undead Po’Dunk clan can probably figure it out. I don’t know what happened with Cheerleaders vs. Redneck ZombiesIMDb lists 5 episodes but I think these 3 are all there is.

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