Blood Orchid (2007) is a short action film written and directed by John C. Torres for Crimson Media Entertainment. Starring Alicia Mitchell, Amy Bloom, Yuval Soffer, and Ary Katz.

Female assassin living a double life. Lynn Orchid is a business woman by day and a deadly instrument of death by night. Carlos is an Arms dealer/collector who has found the ultimate weapon to acquire, Blood Orchid. However, Orchid’s latest mission is to assassinate the charming villain.

Not rated. 9:59 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the film with full credits (here).

My thoughts… Blood Orchid is, obviously, ameteurish but it’s still pretty good! Oh, and Alicia Mitchell is very adorable! She was born in the Philippines to an American father and a Chinese mother and raised in Taiwan.

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