Batman vs. Harley Quinn (2015) is the first episode, actually titled “Twisted”, of the first season of the new animated web series Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles developed by DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation and Blue Ribbon Content for Machinima. “Twisted” was directed by Harley Quinn co-creator Bruce Timm and written by Alan Burnett. “Batman” is voiced by Michael C. Hall and “Harlequin” is voiced by Tara Strong.

Set in an alternate DC universe where Batman is actually Kirk Langstrom, the Dark Knight pursues a new, more unhinged Harley Quinn.

Not rated. 5:54 run time. Watch the episode here …

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles serves as a companion to the 2015 animated film Justice League: Gods and Monsters which features darker versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The first season of the web series aired in June 2015 and consisted of 3 episodes, while the second season will air in 2016 and consist of 10 episodes.

My thoughts… O! M! G! I LOVE this animated film and, in particular, this version of Harley Quinn! She’s a sexy serial killer who turns her victims into human taxidermy! It’s like DC Comics meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! I think this is my favorite version of Harley Quinn, like, ever! I love that costume, too! I hope someone makes a live-action fan film starring this Harley Quinn! Oh, and let’s not forget that Batman is a freaking vampire! Awesome!