Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead (2016) is a short fan film written, directed, shot & edited by Brian Rosenthal for Dead Pixel/WTFLOL in association with 3rd Leg and Evilair Productions. Starring David VonHippchen as “Ash”, Derek Russo as “Lobo”, Lindsay Croucher as “Gwen Stacey/Gwen Lantern”, Joshua Borcyk as “Green Arrow”, Erik Bello as “Green Lantern”, Kolin Roberts as “Batman/Iron Man”, Katie Mackey as “Tate’s-Mart Deadite”, Marian Gonzalez as “Cassie Hack”, Michael Angel Colon as “Wolverine”, and Chris Frank. Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead is the sequel to Brian Rosenthal’s 2013 fan film Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness.

After narrowly escaping a zombie infested NYC and a pack of blood-thirsty (Marvel) superheroes, Ash Williams finds himself suddenly transported to a whole new universe. Can he stop the supernatural apocalypse?

Not rated. 21:37 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead is awesome!! After fighting zombie superheroes (Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man) in a Marvel universe, Ash and Gwen Stacy are transported into a DC universe where they fight more zombie superheroes (Green Arrow, Batman)! Ash must also contend with intergalactic bad-ass, bounty hunter and space dolphin conservationist Lobo who wants Ash’s book. Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead is a high-octane fan film action blast! David VonHippchen is fantastic as Ash once again but, this time, Derek Russo kicks ass (literally and metaphorically) as Lobo, as does Lindsay Croucher as Gwen Lantern! If mainstream studios made comic book adaptations as fun as this fan film, well, then I’d be more inclined to see them in theaters! Of course, as an added bonus, Brian Rosenthal made my dreams come true by throwing Cassie Hack, from my #1 favorite comic series Hack/Slash, into the mix making Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead her first appearance in a fan film (or any film for that matter)! I gushed about her much-anticipated appearance on my other blog (here) and, after having seen her in action, I was not disappointed! The sexy slasher killer, played wonderfully by adorable Marian Gonzalez, joins Ash in the epilogue where together they face off against a Deadite at the Tate’s-Mart whetting my appetite for an Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash fan film! I hope that is, in fact, where the next sequel is headed!


Cassie Hack (Marian Gonzalez) and Ash (David VonHippchen)


Ash vs. Marvel Zombies & The DC Dead (2016) is a “supercut” exclusive originally cut for Florida SuperCon 2016. The “supercut” combines both Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness (2013) and Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead (2016).

Ash Williams finds himself careening from dimension to dimension, encountering blood thirsty superheroes and battling hordes of the undead in an effort to stop the mischievous “Necronomicon” from spreading its supernatural curse.

Not rated. 28:58 run time. Watch the “supercut” here …