+1 [aka Plus One] (2013) is a sci-fi/thriller film directed by Dennis Iliadis. Story by Dennis Iliadis. Screenplay by Bill Gullo. Starring Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw, and Natalie Hall. Presented by IFC Films.

Three college friends head out for the biggest party of the year, each looking for something different: sex, love, and a simple human connection. When a mysterious phenomenon disrupts the proceedings, it starts a chain reaction leading to the strangest night anyone has ever experienced. As the party descends into bloody chaos, the three friends must struggle to keep both their relationships and themselves alive. Director Dennis Iliadis (The Last House on the Left) delivers thought-provoking suspense with +1, a supernatural thriller that tests the limits of survival and the loyalties of friendship.

Not rated. 95 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

My thoughts… +1 is a wonderfully imaginative sci-fi thriller with such an intriguing premise! I love this film! David (Rhys Wakefield) wants the “love”, David’s awkward friend Teddy (Logan Miller) wants the “sex”, and David and Teddy’s friend Allison (Colleen Dengel) wants the “simple human connection”. They all get what they want, in different ways, when a meteorite crash lands near the party sending an electrical surge into the power lines which causes a momentary blackout. Afterward, David, Teddy and Allison see themselves at the party and soon realize the events from 10 minutes earlier are coinciding with the present and are moving closer in sync! +1 is like Project X as if written by the late great Rod Serling! In fact, +1 reminded me of one of my favorite episodes of Serling‘s TV classic The Twilight Zone. The episode was called “Mirror Image” and originally aired on February 26, 1960, in the show’s brilliant first season (1959-60). In the episode, Millicent Barnes , while waiting at a bus station, begins to suspect that her evil double from a parallel world is trying to replace her. Businessman Paul Grinstead, concerned for her mental health, summons the police who take her away. A few minutes later, Paul chases after a man who has stolen his suitcase only to find his own face grinning back at him. This episode still sends chills up the spine! +1 gives off more of a trippy vibe but it works amazingly well!

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