Lola Colt is an English alternative/indie rock band from London, England. They are Gun O. (vocals), Matt L., Martin S., Kitty A., James H., and Sinah B. Lola Colt sounds like Grace Slick (circa Jefferson Airplane) fronting a psychedelic rock band scoring a spaghetti western!

Selected discography:

Away from the Water (2014). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Vacant Hearts”, “Driving Mr Johnny”, “Heartbreaker”. Other good cuts: “I Get High If You Get High”, “Away from the Water”, “Highway”, “Rings of Ghosts”, “Moonlight”, “Storm”. The rest: “White Horse”. Choice B-sides: “Boom Boom Blasphemy”, “Diamonds”.

?? (2016). Lola Colt‘s forthcoming 2nd album.

Selected videos:

Watch Lola Colt perform “Away from the Water” live at The Lexington, London …

Lola Colt is named after the 1967 spaghetti western directed by Siro Marcellini and starring Lola Falana. The film is also known as Black Tigress which is also the name of Lola Colt‘s label.

Band links: website/Facebook/Youtube

My thoughts… Lola Colt has such an awesomely unique sound! I love Gun O.’s distinctive vocals against the band’s twangy and fuzzy guitars in their songs that hypnotize as they slowly build to fiery crescendo! Away from the Water is an amazing album and I’m excited for the followup!