“Overlord” is from Black Label Society‘s 8th studio album Order of the Black (2010). The video, an homage to ’70s kung fu movies, was directed by Master Cylinder (Eric Zimmerman/Nik Jamgocyan). Zakk E. Stylze (BLS frontman Zakk Wylde) is Ju Jitsu Lipshitz, a Bruce Lee look-a-like who takes on various opponents on a quest to find The Overlord, who turns out to be an old lady. His opponents include JDesus (BLS bassist John DeServio) as DJ Phyuk-Yu, Dick Assman as Himself, Will Hunt (BLS drummer) as Won’t Fish, Shirley (Cindy Williams aka Shirley of Laverne & Shirley) as Shur Lee, and Nick Catanese (BLS guitarist) as Ying Yang Fro. Stunt actresses Amy Johnston, armed with a rattan stick, and Anna Ranoso, armed with nunchaku, play Ying Yang Fro’s sexy hentchwomen.

My thoughts… Cool song! Awesome video! Oh, and Amy Johnston!

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