Manic Pixi is a “pop-grunge” band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2012 by Kat Hamilton (vocals) and Emmett Ceglia (drums). The lineup is completed by Marshall Beiver (guitar) and Drew Bastian (bass). Manic Pixi has been described as Hole mixed with Green Day, No Doubt, Letters to Cleo and Paramore.” They were formerly known as Sugar Bomb which was an apt name since the band’s music is both addictive and explosive.

Sugar Bomb! (2014). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Hangover”, “Suddenly Stuck”, “You Can’t Kill Me”. Other good cuts: “Kiss Me”, “Sweet Tooth”, “Tongue Tunnel”, “Lions Cage”, “I’m Still Fighting”, “Under Your Spell”, “Blue Wine”, “Meteor Shower”.

Iron Heart (2016). Manic Pixi’s upcoming 2nd album funded via indiegogo.

Selected videos:

Watch the video for “Reminders” from Kat Hamilton’s upcoming solo project:

Band links: website/Facebook/Youtube

My thoughts… Kat Hamilton‘s resounding voice is a big part of Manic Pixi‘s gritty charm. She sounds a little like Juliet Simms [ex-Automatic Loveletter, NBC’s The Voice], only less raspy, more snotty. “Hangover”“You Can’t Kill Me” and “Suddenly Stuck” should’ve been alternative rock radio hits! I can’t wait to hear more for music from Kat Hamilton – solo or with Manic Pixi!

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