Truth or Drink (2011) is a short lesbian film written and directed by Amy Reedy for A.R.I.A. Collective. Starring Kelsey Reinhardt and Diane Rosser.

When Jamie and Mimi get together for a harmless game of truth or drink, they have no idea what secrets and desires are about to be exposed.

Not rated. 4:50 run time. Watch the film here…

Watch the film on Amy Reedy’s Vimeo channel (here).

My thoughts… A wonderful film! Kelsey Reinhardt is such a beautiful young actress. Diane Rosser is very beautiful too, but Reinhardt is absolutely stunning. It’s those dimples, I think. She mentioned in the Youtube comments [7 months ago] about being in talks with Amy Reedy about doing a sequel or even a feature film. I hope so. I’m loving Amy Reedy’s work. Nice use of New Order‘s “Bizarre Love Triangle”!