SUPERHUMAN (2010) is a short action film written and directed by Dagan Taylor for Cimagery Entertainment. Starring Keaton Taylor (Superhuman), Majolie Nadeau (Superwoman), Robert Voyer (Knife Clone & Gun Clone), and Albert Kwan (Sword Clone & Narrator).

A powerful soldier is transported to a parallel dimension where he must battle superhuman warriors. On a planet ravaged by climate change and war, a bizarre meteor shower struck the surface. It was said the crystal meteors were gates to a dimension of superhuman power. But all who sought out the mysterious crystal spheres never returned … all except one.

Not rated. 9:59 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… I’m not really sure if I understand this film’s premise but it doesn’t matter – SUPERHUMAN is a stunning action short! It’s as if John Woo had directed The Matrix! The visual effects [courtesy of Dagan Taylor & Jean Charles Bertrand] and the special make-up effects [courtesy of  Synthia Naels] are fantastic! Visually, SUPERHUMAN is a mini masterpiece! Oh, and Majolie Nadeau as “Superwoman” is bad-ass! I love when she runs up the wall and flips over the knives!