Copycat (2013) is a short sci-fi film directed by Josh Leonard and written by Kaitlin Becker for Blue Boy. Starring Lexy Roth, Chas Coffman and Amanda Wells.

Piper wakes up with strange marks on her back and a bracelet on her wrist; not remembering anything from the night before. Things slowly start to come back to her as she realizes the events that occurred from the night before.

Not rated. 6:43 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… OK, I don’t really like this film that much. I’m not even sure if I “get” it. However, I do like some of Josh Leonard’s other films – like, for instance, the short horror film A Bump in the Night. I’m posting Copycat here simply because I think Lexy Roth is beautiful! Oh my – those enchanting eyes! I am now one of her biggest and most adoring fans!