RETRO FURY (2014) is an “80s Style Action Comedy Short Film” written, shot and cut by Jamie McKeller for RedShirt Films. Starring James Rotchell, Richard Massara, Natalie Clare Brimicombe, and more [see below].

An homage to the greatest action adventure era of cinema history… The 80s with a twist! Hero busts up an illegal coin deal deep in the seedy underworld of Carbon City, but Boss Dude escapes into the night… what follows is an epic chase through the streets ending in an epic showdown between Sega and Nintendo! SNES Scopes, Sega Menacers, NES Zappers and G-Cons are used in this battle royale…

Not rated. 8:34 run time. Watch the film here …

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My thoughts… It’s Marty McFly vs Snake Plissken in this homage to ’80s action films and video gaming systems! RETRO FURY is awesome action-packed retro-tainment – perfect for a double-bill with David Sandberg’s Kung Fury! Or a triple-bill with Mike Diva’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, too! I love Hero’s confrontation with G Con Three! G Con Charlie (Amy Popplewell), on the right, is my favorite! However, Sasha Scope (Natalie-Clare Brimicombe) is sooo adorable!