Ruthless (2015) is a short revenge film written & directed by Robert Kirkpatrick for Crowfeather Films. Starring Clayton Miller (Ratchet), Jessica Kirkpatrick (Lola), Oliver Graham (Tiny), Steve McKnight (The Front Door Thug and the voice of the Judge), and Mike Mees (The Back Door Thug).

In this short film, a hard-boiled, unrepentant criminal seeks revenge against the lowlife bookie who sent him to prison. He only has to get past the hired henchmen and the sword-wielding femme fatale, but there’s no problem that a metal pipe to the head can’t easily solve. “Ruthless” is a quick and dirty homage to 70’s low-budget, exploitation revenge movies. It was filmed in 48 hours, and premiered at the 2012 Little Rock Film Festival.

Not rated. 10:39 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… I love this film! Jessica Kirkpatrick is awesome as Lola! However, I would’ve loved to have seen her in action! “Don’t worry, Boss – I got this,” Lola assures Tiny. She takes a few steps closer to Ratchet and unsheaths her blade. He tightens his grip on his pipe as he sizes her up. Lola raises and points her blade at him. Then, they engage in a brief sword vs pipe fight. The action stops, quickly, as the two end up face to face, steel against lead. “Nice to finally meet you, Ratchet,” Lola grins, and their dialogue begins. Well, that’s what I would’ve done!