Assassin Priest (2012) is an action comedy written & directed by Cameron Covell and co-directed & written by Christopher Covell. Starring Zac Hughes, Christopher Fairbanks, Sydni Corrin, and Skyler Millicano. Shot on the Canon 60d.

When Xavier Knightengale (Zac Hughes) gets his daughter Nicole (Sydni Corrin) kidnapped by the evil Russian terrorist Vladimir Krovnotz (Christopher Fairbanks) and his son Hunk (Skyler Millicano), Xavier has no choice but to put down his cross, and pick up his guns.

Not rated. 34:44 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Awesome! Assassin Priest is a ridiculously over-the-top homage to action exploitation cinema and it is wonderfully cool! I love the outrageous gun battle in the church which is then followed by an absurd bicycle chase! In addition, I love the delightfully retro theme music by Jim Covell, who also happens to be Cameron and Chris‘s father. Oh, and Sydni Corrin, who plays Nicole Knightengale, is sooooo adorable!

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